Friday, September 3, 2010

TIPS for minimizing Waste of produce

Ok, so some of the past emails received has made me think about wasting hence this BLOG POST!
I have done a bunch a research & some are things that we have been doing, to help minimize waste of produce:

#1 - SORT when you bring it home.
Choose items that may VERY ripe to eat FIRST. So they don't go bad in the fridge & then wasted. Remember to bring out the produce already in the fridge forward or out on the counter so you can remember to use it.

#2 - USE Green Bags to preserve produce, they are reusable & my fruits & veggies last almost 2-3 weeks at times. Use lunch brown sacks for Mushrooms.
Keep Potatoes & Onions in a cool area of the kitchen, cupboard or pantry.

Especially for veggies that you may not use everyday, set a day & meal that you will use them in.
SEARCH recipe sites for ideas to use for specific ingredients: has a good one.
I will be posting a new blog post with recipe ideas for what was received in the box each week.

#4 Preserve Excess
If you find that you are using veggies, but have too many of certain veggies...preserve them!
Bell Peppers & Onions - Chop & Freeze in ziplocs (great to pull them out from the freezer & pop them into your chili)
Mushrooms - Saute 1/2 as long as normal & freeze
Tomatoes - some prep work see: DEEP SOUTH DISHES
Corn on Cob: Husk, Blanch Corn, Cool, Bag & Freeze

#5 Keep a Food Waste Diary
Every time you throw away food, whether it's a banana peel or 3/4 of a lasagna, you write down what it was and why you tossed it. The diary helps you be mindful - do I really need to toss this, or can I take it for lunch tomorrow? But also, after a while you can see what you're wasting the most and try to curb your shopping habits. see: for details.

NOW that I say all these things, hopefully I can stay on top of NOT wasting food.
Any PERSONAL tips, PLEASE post it!



GREAT post!! i am so guilty of being a veggie waster! and they are so expensive!! i WILL get better!

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