Friday, September 17, 2010

Menu Planning

I know a few blog posts ago I said Menu Plan to keep your food lasting longer. I know we all Menu plan somehow. I go through many phases of menu planning, I have done monthly, weekly according to what's in my box. But since I've gotten back from my trip, all menu planning went out the door. SO I am determined to do it...DO IT!! so.....
I have gone through various different types of Menu Planning.
Here are some great links for Menu Plan Printouts:


Homeschool Curriculum for Life

Image above from - Project Girl

Or this cute one from - TangarangBlog

& My Favorite:
She has some great printouts & they are colorful & fun!!

How do you Menu Plan?


stephanie joy

Great charts Rach- cool sites. I usually just write it on a white board, but for the last long while I have just looked to see what is in the fridge and made something around that.... it works for now, but it would be a lot easier if I got something planned. Thanks for the reminder!

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