Monday, November 10, 2008

cooking class?

so i know that i am teaching the first cooking class and that we are doing pizza. what i do not know is when and where.
it would also be nice to know how many people are planning on coming so that i can judge my dough making accordingly.
i think we decided that everyone will bring their own toppings instead of 'sharing the wealth.' so that means bring your own cheese, sauce, and toppings. maybe a few of you guys can go in together if you want similar toppings or sauce. it takes 2 small cans of tomato sauce for one pizza the size of a cookie sheet.
or would you rather assign the basics like sauce and cheese to people?
one more thing. i think it would be easier for me to teach it at my house. i have a large kitchen with lots of counter space and these are a must when rolling out pizza dough.
please leave a comment if you plan on coming and if you know the answers to my questions. i am excited to teach this and also to learn stuff from all of you talented people. thanks.


Stephanie J. Robertson

i will be there for sure! i bought my cheese today and mostly i just cant wait to learn about a good pizza dough since none of the ones i have tried to make have ever been that great.


i am in.
i was just going to bring some veggies and cheese- enough to share but not a whole whole lot.


I will MOST likely be there, I am working on a drink of some sort. Can't wait.


Sorry guys! Totally disconnected! I forgot to check the blog!
Echo, where would you like to have it? It's all good to me!

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