Friday, July 3, 2009

Veggie Ideas

Hey Guys what did you do with your Fruits & Veggies this week?

I need some recipe ideas


The Peterson Family

I made a breakfast casserole with my tomatos - well, ok, they were last time's smooshy tomatos, but no one could tell. I could have used the potatoes for it, too, but I already had hashbrowns in the freezer (I know, so lazy of me). The strawberries, cherries, and corn are pretty much gone already - no questions about what my kids like.

I need a good salad recipe to use up all that lettuce....


strawberries - gone. eaten raw by themselves or tossed in smoothies.

cherries - will be eaten today for our barbecue.

been eating the yummy peaches.
used some potatoes in curry the other night. oh, and used some tomatoes to top off my turkey chili, too, then ate it like a dip with tortilla chips. need to think of ways to use everything else, but i'm not worried about it, we always end up eating everything eventually.


We make homemade pizza once a week now that we have Echo's awesome dough recipe! And Staci makes Tuesday night her homemade pizza night and throws all the veggies in the fidge that look like they won't make it.
Damaris posted a YUMMY looking dessert pizza too.
Pizza is awesome.

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