Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Hey friends,
Here is a Menu Plan for the rest of the week :

Tuesday: (simple & fresh day)
Refried Beans
Fruit Smoothies for dessert

Wednesday: (make double and freeze for later)
Smokey Corn Chowder (click HERE for recipe)
French Bread

Thursday: ( easy meal day)
Cream of Mushroom Chicken (click HERE for recipe)
Green Beans

Pizza ( I make a pizza that we adults like & then I cut up lots of veggies and have the kids make a pizza the way they want it. )
Popcorn & movie night

Saturday (reheat something from freezer/ or..)
BBQ Chicken - throw frozen chicken in a freezer bag with BBQ sauce and put back in the freezer, pull out to cook in crockpot or on BBQ.
Corn on the Cob / frozen corn
Bread Sticks

Roast Beef - Crockpot right before lunch and its ready when its dinner time
Garlic Bread

Creme Tuna on Rice
Salad (leftover from Sunday)

*What does your menu plan for the week look like? Post in Comments


JLPierce Ohana

great menu Rach!
Tonight was Beef with Broccoli
Tuesday- crockpot stroganoff
Weds- Chili/mac
Thurs- Baked potato bar
Friday- pork chops

I base mine usually off Not all the ideas work for our family, so i have to change, but this week we're pretty good on the ideas!

JLPierce Ohana

oh yeah, and the site has a grocery list premade, so you print it out, cross off what you already have and then you're set to do your shopping!

Stephanie J. Robertson

this is wonderful!

we made echo's pizza recipe last night and the co-op really came in handy here:

red bell peppers
red onion



I'm really impressed that you can plan a week ahead on this! I'm terrible. I can never make up my mind. Then, when it comes time for dinner, sometimes I won't make it. Good ideas for me for next week.

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